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Data Visualization illustration

Data Visualization

Create stunning, interactive, custom charting in seconds with Breefly's easy-to-use Chart Wizard.

Downloadable File Links illustration

File Links

Add links to downloadable materials and resources into briefs to extend the reach of your reporting with readers.

Automated Sharing illustration

Automated Sharing

Share briefs easily and at scale with automated email notifications to keep users informed and your insights

Photo & Video illustration

Photo & Video

Add photos and streaming video directly into briefs to create engaging and immersive reporting for your readers.

Instant Collaboration illustration

Instant Collaboration

Share your insights instantly and drive real-time collaboration with readers via comment threads across any device.

What's Included

Features Included in All Plans

Unlimited Briefs Creation
Custom Chart Creation
100% Responsive
Unlimited Brief Sharing
Content Library
Access Managemenet
Links to Downloads
Real-Time Collaboration
Unlimited Guest Sharing
Real Time Collaboration
Automated Notifications
Searchable Content
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