Insights Reporting Simplified

Insights Reporting Simplified

Create, share & collaborate on insights in minutes.


The insights reporting platform for anyone in market research.

Breefly simplifies insights reporting, so you can deliver the insights that matter to clients and teams, quickly & easily.


Your hub for sharing actionable insights from your market research.

Easily curate your text, media & data into bite-sized, content briefs for clients and teams.


Curate Your Data

Curate text, media, and data into concise, fully integrated short stories for teams.


Automate Your Design

Customizable templates allow you to create briefs in minutes.


Share & Collaborate

Sharing and collaborating on briefs is fast, easy and secure.


How it works

Breefly makes insights curation and data storytelling a breeze. Easily create, share and collaborate on insights reporting in minutes.


Finally, the reporting solution you’ve been waiting for.


Native Apps

Native apps provide optimal user experiences across Desktop & Mobile (Web, iOS & Android).


Simple & Intuitive

Designed so anyone can use it, from Boomer bosses to Gen Z interns.


User Access Controls

Control access across multiple levels, easily managing all your reporting in a single platform solution..


Easy Sharing

Invite users and share briefs with personalized messages via automated emails, all within a few clicks.


Innovation Thru Insight

Learn how industry leaders in market research, insights and strategy are discovering and delivering transformational insights on The Spark.


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