Breefly makes sharing insights with teams easy

Empower your teams to make smarter decisions faster, by delivering your market research findings as bite-sized insights briefs, quickly and easily

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Breefly is your hub for socializing insights

Bring your data and insights to life as content for teams in minutes

Save valuable time and easily create, share and collaborate on insights with teams quickly

Curate & Create

Easily curate your text, media & data into bite-sized, insights briefs all in a single platform

Share & Collaborate

Share, comment and collaborate
with clients and teams
instantly and securely

Measure Engagement

Know with certainty who is engaging with your reporting through rich user analytics


Transform your insights into engaging content

Leave the never ending presentations and spreadsheets behind

Cut insights delivery time down from hours to minutes, as Breefly lets you curate your text, media and data together all in one place

Breefly Home View
Breefly Home View

Breefly generates a content hub of insights briefs for every user.

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Build Custom Charts
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Breefly Home View
Breefly Home View

Breefly generates a content hub of insights briefs for every user.

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Share & collaborate with teams instantly

Lose the emails and attachments, and focus on driving teams to act on insights

Once you create your brief, easily share and collaborate with teams instantly with integrated email notifications, and conversation threads to engage your users directly


Manage who has access safely & efficiently

Powerful access management giving you confidence and convenience

Breefly lets you efficiently manage who can access which briefs, all with a few clicks, giving you the convenience and confidence in knowing your insights are secure


Accessible insights, anytime, anywhere

Desktop or mobile, Breefly delivers your insights wherever your users are

Breefly delivers your insights briefs seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, giving users an optimal experience wherever they are

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