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Introducing InSite

The insight reporting platform where you can access exclusive industry performance data provided by the International Fresh Produce Association and IRI.

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“A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must consumers to take action.”
Tom Powell
“How you write your advertising copy will be based on where you will place your ad. You’ll need a super catchy headline.”
Maria Parker
“InSite will enable me to drive my business.
I’m thrilled with the potential of this.”
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VP Business Development
Harps Foods
“I can see the promise of this quite clearly - an advance this is in delivering data to the right people at the right time.”
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Director Sales
“How you write your advertising copy will be based on where you will place your ad. You’ll need a super catchy headline.”
Andrew Collins
“Grabbing the consumer’s attention isn’t enough. You have to keep that attention. This is where your benefits come into play or a product description that sets your offer apart from the others.”
Logan Rogers

Team Subscription

Includes five (5) user seats
Unlimited access to all datasets
Unlimited brief creation & sharing
Monthly POS data updates
Semi annual Sentiment data updates
Monthly Subscription / Cancel Anytime
Free 14 Day Trial


Create interactive charts in seconds with an easy-to-use chart wizard, then share your content instantly with your team via automated notifications
Add Your Data to Compare
Easily add your sales data to the POS data charting to see how your business is performing against the industry for the same period
Monthly POS Data Updates
Keep your teams informed with up-to-date Point of Sales data that is updated monthly giving you last 4, 13, & 52 weeks
Accessible on Desktop & Mobile
InSite is 100% reactive, giving everyone a seamless experience to engage content across desktop and mobile devices
Semi Annual Sentiment Updates
Put consumer sentiment insights to work for your business that is updated 2x a year
Brand Your Portal
Give your teams a branded experience as you can customize your teams portal

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