Better Insights for All

Breefly was designed for everyone who works with data; from independent market research consultants to small businesses and corporate insights managers.

Three tiers to fit your needs


Create and share field updates, summaries, and topline reports with clients right from your mobile device.


Simplify reporting to clients, co-create with colleagues, and bring everyone together with a single payment option.


Socialize insights at scale across teams and departments. Measure adoption with report analytics.

Breefly improves data delivery for all kinds of companies


Keep clients, planning, and creative teams informed with innovative storytelling.


Scale insights adoption across insights, strategy, marketing, and sales teams in real-time.


Create stunning interactive data visualizations powered by amCharts.


Monetize proprietary data and offer subscription-based plans to your network of end users with our turnkey enterprise plan.


Deliver real-time insights and inventory updates to keep dispersed teams informed and engaged, wherever they are.


Provide teams with performance updates while driving customer engagement and informed decision-making in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company use Breefly?

Breefly increases productivity and improves collaboration across an increasingly decentralized workforce, by connecting teams to the insights they need that help them make smarter decisions, faster. Place actionability and engagement at the core of your organization's ability to drive business forward.

Are my insights safe with Breefly?

Absolutely. Our hosting environment encrypts customer data to keep your data safe. And all connections to Breefly are secured via SSL/TLS.

How is Breefly better than what I am doing now?

Breefly saves you hours in reporting time, letting you ditch the endless presentations and emails, while accelerating insights adoption across teams, and clients via captivating insights briefs that everyone can quickly read, and understand.

How can I use Breefly with internal teams and external clients?

Breefly makes sharing insights simple with teams and clients.

  • Individual accounts allow users to share briefs via a Public Link Sharing option, where you can post a brief for limited viewing with external clients that don't have a Breefly account.
  • Teams accounts allow you to combine internal and external users together under one account, giving all your users the full Breefly eperience.

What is an insights brief?

Insights briefs are unique to Breefly, and how we describe the content that can be created on the platform. Think of these more as research summaries or top lines where you can combine text, media and data together to create insights reporting that's like you're writing a blog.

Deliver insights in a whole new way with Breefly.