All the users you need, all on one account

How Modern Teams Share Insights

Teams allow you to combine internal and external users together under one account. Simply add them to your team, and let them enjoy all that Breefly has to offer without them having to subscribe themselves.

Access Management

Share your data with the right people —and only the right people

Manage all of your users with confidence. Breefly gives you three points of access controls to ensure that your insights stay secure.

Brief Level Controls

Turn access to any brief on or off with a simple click.

User Level Controls

Give or take away access to specific users at any time.

Team Level Controls

Manage access of an entire team easily from within their admin panel.

Reporting Analytics

Measure and optimize 
with reporting analytics

The Teams analytics dashboard measures which insights your team is actually using, so you can optimize reporting over time. With Teams, you can track which briefs are shared, favorited, and commented on the most, as well as which keywords have the highest search volume.

What customers are saying


“I can see the promise of this quite clearly - an advance this is in delivering data to the right people at the right time.”

Director of Sales & Business Development

Give your insights more impact with Breefly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company use Breefly?

Breefly increases productivity and improves collaboration across an increasingly decentralized workforce by connecting teams to the insights they need that help them make smarter decisions faster. Place actionability and engagement at the core of your organization's ability to drive business forward.

Are my insights safe with Breefly?

Absolutely. Our hosting environment encrypts customer data to keep your data safe. And all connections to Breefly are secured via SSL/TLS.

How is Breefly better than what I am doing now?

Breefly saves you hours in reporting time, letting you ditch the neverending presentations and emails, while accelerating insights adoption across teams and clients via captivating insights briefs that everyone can quickly read and understand.

How can I use Breefly with internal teams and external clients?

Breefly makes sharing insights simple with teams and clients.

  • Individual accounts allow users to share briefs via a Public Link Sharing option, where you can post a brief for limited viewing with external clients that don't have a Breefly account.
  • Teams accounts allow you to combine internal and external users together under one account, giving all your users the full Breefly eperience.

What is an insights brief?

Insights briefs are unique to Breefly, and how we describe the content that can be created on the platform. Think of these more as research summaries or top lines where you can combine text, media and data together to create insights reporting that's like you're writing a blog.