Why use Breefly?

Because it's your hub for sharing actionable data and insights
Breefly was designed for professionals who like you, are responsible for sharing insights with clients and teams, quickly and often
“Teams are seeking nuggets of insights, they don’t have time for long form reads. Connecting them to the various pieces of data on hand will open new avenues of untapped opportunities for the organization.”
Chief Marketing Officer
Market Researchers

Insights reporting is simpler and easier for market research suppliers

  • Easily combine text, audio, video, charts and links in a single brief

  • Collaborate with colleagues so they can help create and edit briefs

  • Give clients native mobile access to your insights reporting

Corporate Researchers

Breefly makes socializing insights a breeze for the client side.

  • Save hours and cut reporting time down to mere minutes

  • Share briefs instantly with personalized inbox notifications

  • Real time team collaboration via comments that drive engagement

  • Analytics to help you track and optimize user engagement


Deliver innovation while better supporting client businesses.

  • Stop delivering outdated spreadsheets and presentation decks

  • Collaborate with clients and teams on briefs in real time

  • Give everyone mobile access to your briefs

  • Analytics to help you optimize your reporting with clients