Business Reporting Simplified

Deliver Insights Like a Boss

Combine text, media and data together all in one platform.

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Deliver actionable insights as short business briefs to teams.

Transform your data into engaging, actionable content, quickly and easily

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The easiest insights reporting tool around

Complete with features you need, and your teams will love


Curate Your Data

Curate text, media, and data into engaging stories that gives your reporting context, all in one place.


Automate Your Design

Customizable templates allow you to create briefs in minutes, so you can focus on telling your story.


Share & Collaborate

Sharing briefs is easy and safe, giving you the control over who can access your reporting.


Intuitive, integrated business briefs.

Breefly delivers what matters most to teams, while making it fun and engaging for them


Finding content is fast and easy.

Briefs are auto-tagged when created, so you don’t have to worry about it. Users then use keyword search to quickly find and view briefs.


Access briefs anytime, anywhere, confidently.

Deliver seamless experiences across mobile and desktop devices, using end-to-end encryption to keep your reporting safe and secure.


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