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Delight clients and coworkers with a creative, cloud-based approach to data reporting.

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Breefly saves you hours in reporting time

Create briefs in minutes with our easy-to-use brief builder, where you can add your text, media, charts, and links to external files together in one place. Share your brief with the click of a button and enjoy fast collaboration.


Turn your market research findings into engaging content with images, videos, text, links, charts, and more. 


Share and comment on insights instantly and securely across your entire organization.


Measure user engagement and insight adoption with reporting analytics.

Reporting Analytics

Know what insights are being used with reporting analytics

Know which insights your readers are actually engaging while tracking which briefs are shared, favorited, and commented on the most, as well as which keywords have the highest search volume.

Made for mobile and desktop 

Collaborate with clients and teams wherever they are

Share your insights and drive team collaboration with comments anytime, anywhere, with confidence, as Breefly allows you to manage who can access which briefs easily, and securely.


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